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Meta, Google, and AI

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Meta and Google offer Hollywood studios millions for AI video model licenses. Scarlett Johansson disputes AI use of her voice. Amazon to launch a generative AI Alexa.

AI in Hollywood

Meta and Google are reportedly offering Hollywood studios millions in licensing deals to enhance their AI-generated video models. According to Bloomberg, these deals could be worth tens of millions, marking a significant investment.

Scarlett Johansson finds herself in a dispute echoing Silicon Valley's past conflicts, as highlighted by Zoe Kleinman. This situation underscores ongoing tensions between tech giants and the creative industry.

Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog envisions AI benefits in gaming. In a recent interview, he teased a new title poised to redefine gaming, reflecting AI's potential to transform the industry.

AI-generated Political Content

AI-generated ads could deceive voters if new regulations are not implemented soon. Campaigns could exploit this technology, yet concerns about the threat remain understated.

The FCC is contemplating rules for disclosing AI-generated content in political ads aired on TV and radio. However, these rules would not ban such content.

Sources: Wired The Verge

Alexa's AI Overhaul

Amazon is set to release a generative AI version of Alexa later this year, according to multiple reports. This upgrade will come with a monthly subscription fee that is separate from Amazon Prime.

The new AI-enhanced Alexa aims to bolster Amazon's position in the competitive landscape, especially against rivals like OpenAI.

Sources suggest the subscription fee is intended to offset the technology costs, though the exact price point remains undisclosed.

Deepfake Concerns

Deepfake technology is raising alarms as actress Scarlett Johansson considers suing OpenAI. She alleges the company used a voice strikingly similar to hers without permission, breaching her right to publicity.

This controversy shines a light on the broader implications of AI technology. Critics argue that using celebrity voices without consent compromises both professional and personal integrity. OpenAI’s actions have inadvertently highlighted how these practices can backfire, making AI feel less comfortable to users.

The dispute with Scarlett Johansson underscores an emerging issue: how companies handle the ethical boundaries of AI creation and deployment. As this case progresses, it could set significant precedents in the intersection of AI and celebrity rights.

AI-Powered Tools in Everyday Devices

Microsoft research reveals AI models can be minimized to run on phones or laptops without major compromises, potentially broadening AI applications in personal devices.

Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses now enable users to post Instagram stories, meditate, and listen to Amazon Music without using their phones, thanks to recent updates.

Windows 11 introduces a new AI-powered Advanced Paste feature in PowerToys, allowing for real-time conversion of clipboard content, aiming to streamline workflows.

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OpenAI trying to steal Scarlett Johansson's voice to make AI feel 'comfortable' is the reason why it's so worrying

When Scarlett Johansson decided against letting OpenAI use her voice for its GPT-4o model, the company may have copied it anyway. It ended up making AI feel less comfortable, not more.

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AI Software Engineers Make $100,000 More Than Their Colleagues

The AI boom and a growing talent shortage has resulted in companies paying AI software engineers a whole lot more than their non-AI counterparts. From a report: As of April 2024, AI software engineers in the U.S. were paid a median salary of nearly $300,000, …

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EU Sets Benchmark For Rest of the World With Landmark AI Laws

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Europe's landmark rules on artificial intelligence will enter into force next month after EU countries endorsed on Tuesday a political deal reached in December, setting a potential global benchmark for a techn…

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Emory students won a $10,000 prize for their AI tool. Then the university punished them.

The students won $10,000 from a school pitch competition for an AI product, but Emory University then sought to expel one founder and suspend another.

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McKesson, Merck back Atropos Health’s $33M round to accelerate drug development with AI

Atropos Health raises $33 million in Series B funding to revolutionize healthcare with AI-powered clinical evidence generation, aiming to personalize medical decision-making and accelerate drug development.

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