Daily AI NEWS - July 5, 2024
AI Avatars, Emissions Surge, and Tech Giants Innovate

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WhatsApp is developing "Imagine Me," a feature to create personalized AI avatars. Google's AI technology has increased its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. Apple and Microsoft have partnered with OpenAI.

AI in Popular Applications

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature called “Imagine Me” that will allow users to create personalized AI avatars of themselves using Meta AI technology. This update is part of the platform's broader move to incorporate advanced AI tools into its popular messaging application.

A leak has suggested that users will be able to generate AI images in just a few steps, enhancing user engagement and customization. This development indicates WhatsApp's commitment to staying at the forefront of the AI craze sweeping various digital platforms.

Environmental Impact of AI

Google's greenhouse gas emissions have surged nearly 50% since 2019, attributing the rise to the increased energy consumption of AI technologies. Utility bills are dropping overall, but the energy-intensive infrastructure required for AI could drive up consumer costs, according to BofA.

AI’s environmental impact is significant, with increases in energy and water usage leading to higher carbon emissions. Companies are being urged to implement strategies to mitigate these effects, as AI’s power demands are expected to dramatically rise by 2030.

AI in Big Tech Strategies

Apple and Microsoft have forged close ties with OpenAI to get ahead in the AI race, but their agreements with the ChatGPT maker differ markedly.

"This would be a smart move for Cupertino given how important OpenAI is to the broader AI vision in Apple," Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said.

Google and Meta are admitting AI could actually hurt their businesses. AI seems like it's everywhere, with companies racing to develop the new tech. Still, tech giants have started acknowledging the risks, too.

AI Safety and Regulation

A legal expert proposes amending US law to hold social media companies civilly liable when their safeguards against disinformation fail.

Anthropic, a company that does research into AI safety, is calling for proposals on ways to evaluate advanced models.

YouTube introduced a new takedown option designed specifically to address deepfakes impersonating individuals.

AI in Hardware and Devices

Google's Tensor G5 has reportedly completed its design phase and is ready for production. The new custom SoC, expected to power upcoming devices, marks a significant step in Google's hardware development.

Rumors suggest that the Pixel 9 may feature exclusive AI capabilities branded under “Google AI.” These features are anticipated to enhance the user experience significantly and offer unique functionalities.

The Pixel 9 might also incorporate an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This technology is projected to offer substantial improvements in speed and accuracy over previous models, aiming to provide a more seamless user experience.

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