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Apple, AI, and Updates

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Apple plans to introduce "Apple Intelligence" at WWDC 2024, enhancing AI features in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS updates. Key improvements include advanced email and message functionalities.

Apple's AI Developments at WWDC 2024

As WWDC 2024 approaches, Apple is set to unveil its new artificial intelligence initiative, Apple Intelligence. The opt-in AI service will be embedded in the upcoming iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15 updates, featuring enhancements like improved email composition and search capabilities in the Mail app, and new functionality in the Messages app.

The push towards AI reportedly stemmed from a significant experience of Apple's software chief, Craig Federighi, with Microsoft's GitHub Copilot. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg indicates that major AI integrations will aim to reshape user experience while prioritizing privacy and user control.

In addition to AI announcements, the WWDC 2024 keynote will introduce various software updates including watchOS 11, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, and potential refinements for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Apple enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating these developments as the event kicks off on June 10.

Microsoft's AI Privacy and Features Concerns

Microsoft has attempted to soothe privacy concerns regarding Recall, an upcoming Windows feature that helps users resurface past activities on a Copilot+ PC. The company assures that the feature's auto-screenshotting will be optional, following warnings from security experts about potential cybersecurity risks.

In response to user and researcher concerns, Microsoft announced that screenshots within the Recall feature will have enhanced encryption and additional authentication methods such as face, fingerprint, or PIN access. This move aims to maintain trust and protect user privacy.

However, the backlash continues as critics like Windows Central's Zac Bowden highlight the strained trust between Microsoft and its users, with Recall being a significant issue. Meanwhile, the FTC is investigating Microsoft's acquisition of Inflection AI, adding to the tech giant's regulatory scrutiny.

Google's Advancements in AI

Google has announced that its AI-powered research tool, NotebookLM, will now run on Gemini 1.5 Pro. Initially launched in summer 2023, this update expands NotebookLM's capabilities and access.

Meanwhile, Google's AI-powered summaries have been experiencing a bumpy rollout. Users are adjusting to this new feature, which aims to streamline information consumption.

In other news, Tensor G4 signals Google's confidence in their smartphone capabilities. This new chip is central to their latest phones, aiming to outperform competitors. Additionally, Google now offers RCS 911 texting through their Messages app across the USA.

Adobe's AI Terms of Service Backlash

Adobe is facing backlash over new Terms of Service language amid its embrace of generative AI in products like Photoshop. The updated ToS, sent to Creative Cloud Suite users, doesn't mention AI explicitly but includes a reference to machine learning tools.

Users have expressed outrage when they were denied access to Adobe products without accepting the new terms. Many feel the changes could allow Adobe to access and use their content without consent.

Adobe has responded to the vocal uproar by clarifying its terms and conditions. They are emphasizing that the updates aim to improve user experiences through AI while assuring users that their content will remain secure.

AI's Growing Role in Education

When Chat GPT came out a year and a half ago, school districts rushed to block the tool amid fears students would use it to cheat. Now, many districts are embracing AI more broadly.

Big Tech wants people to believe AI is a good idea in the classroom. Turns out, time-pressured teachers say using tools like ChatGPT actually is.

New study by Harvard, MIT, Wharton, and BCG researchers finds that relying on junior employees to train seniors on generative AI risks is ineffective, highlighting the need for top-down governance and expertise at all levels.

We designed an AI tool to help students but without telling them the solution.

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