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AI-generated videos of Gareth Southgate have faced criticism for their potential impact. Concerns over AI vulnerabilities and data privacy are growing. Companies highlight new AI integrations in consumer electronics.

AI Deepfakes and Their Impact

AI-generated videos featuring purported remarks by Gareth Southgate have been criticised by the Football Association. The deepfakes have garnered millions of views, raising concerns about their potential impact on the reputation of England players.

A technique known as "Skeleton Key" has highlighted vulnerabilities in AI models like GPT 3.5. This method allows users to manipulate AI into providing dangerous instructions, such as how to build Molotov cocktails, sparking serious security concerns.

AI in Consumer Electronics

The integration of AI in consumer electronics is rapidly advancing, with companies like Samsung, Google, and Motorola making significant strides. Recently, Google confirmed an early Pixel 9 event, highlighting the growing importance of AI in their devices.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Motorola Razr Plus 2024 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 are set for a face-off, each boasting impressive AI-powered features. These include enhanced cameras and larger, brighter displays, setting new standards for AI integration in foldable phones.

In addition, Samsung's highly anticipated Unpacked event will showcase its latest innovations, including new AI technologies embedded in their Galaxy Z Fold 6. As AI continues to evolve, it is becoming a key differentiator in the competitive consumer electronics market.

Synthetic Data and AI Training

Ali Golshan, cofounder and CEO of synthetic data platform Gretel, says using synthetic data to train AI models is better for both AI and humans.

OpenAI is facing a growing number of copyright lawsuits from authors and news organizations who say the company used their copyrighted material to train ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay – and many users are hitting back at tech giants like Microsoft and Meta over data privacy concerns. While the companies have taken note of the criticism...

AI Job Market Implications

AI will help some people improve at their jobs and replace others, making it crucial to skill up in AI. According to experts, understanding AI technologies may give individuals a competitive edge in the evolving job market.

Mary Daly, President of the S.F. Federal Reserve Bank, posits that AI can boost the labor market. During an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival, she discussed AI's role in shaping the future workforce, emphasizing its capacity to add value rather than simply displace jobs.

Emerging AI Chatbots

ChatGPT isn't the only free AI chatbot on the net. We tested and compared them to figure out the best one for you.

Slack AI works where you do. It can summarize conversations and tap into your company’s collective knowledge to help you work in a smarter, simpler way.

Discover what's new in the WhatsApp beta for Android update: WhatsApp is working on a feature to choose the Meta AI Llama model!

Selected articles of the day

It's dangerously easy to 'jailbreak' AI models so they'll tell you how to build Molotov cocktails, or worse

A jailbreaking technique called "Skeleton Key" lets users persuade OpenAI's GPT 3.5 into giving them the recipe for all kind of dangerous things.

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EV sales have hit a speed bump. Using AI to improve their batteries could get people back in the driving seat.

Demand for EVs in the US has slumped over the past year, with automakers rolling back investments as sales grow more slowly than expected.

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An Analog Network of Resistors Promises Machine Learning Without a Processor

Prototyped on a series of breadboards, this analog machine learning network could one day deliver more energy-efficient AI.

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How NASA Is Using Machine Learning to Predict and Fight Wildfires

The space agency is also developing drone tech to help operators seamlessly tackle fires.

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Solos AirGo Vision are the world’s first ChatGPT-4o powered smart glasses for interactive input

Solos AirGo Vision are the world’s first ChatGPT-4o powered smart glasses for interactive inputSmart glasses are the most practical wearables when it comes to your daily style statement. Compared to current generation AR headsets that are bulky, smart...

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