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Schiller, AI, and Integration

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Phil Schiller joins OpenAI’s board as a non-voting observer. Apple and Google plan major AI integrations in upcoming products, underscoring the evolving role of AI in technology.

AI Features and Integrations in Smartphones

Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow and App Store chief, is reportedly joining OpenAI’s board in a non-voting observer position. This move accompanies an agreement to integrate ChatGPT into Apple's iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia later this year.

In other news, the anticipated Pixel 9 smartphone will introduce a suite of "Google AI" features, expanding the role of AI in everyday device usage.

Additionally, Apple is rumored to announce an integration with Google's Gemini chatbot this fall, further bolstering its AI capabilities. The dynamic progress in AI for both Apple and Google highlights the rapidly evolving landscape of smartphone technology.

Environmental Impact of AI

Google’s carbon footprint is growing as it focuses on AI, the company’s latest environmental report shows. An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Financial Times: Google's greenhouse gas emissions have surged 48 percent in the past five years due to the expansion of its data centers that underpin artificial intelligence systems, leaving its commitment to get…

Our 2024 Environmental Report looks at our use of technology to drive environmental change and operate our business sustainably. However, the surge in emissions highlights the challenge of balancing rapid technological advancements with environmental goals.

Antitrust and Regulatory Issues in AI

Amazon has followed a antitrust-avoidance strategy, hiring most of the team from AI startup Adept. This mirrors tactics once used by Microsoft.

Apple's decision to not launch its AI features in the EU has drawn criticism from Margrethe Vestager, the EU Competition Commissioner, labeling the move as "stunning" evidence of anticompetitive behavior.

French antitrust regulators are preparing to charge Nvidia for potential anti-competitive practices. Nvidia's dominance in advanced AI chips and its proprietary software, CUDA, have attracted significant regulatory attention.

AI and Content Usage Controversies

Google wants to use music to train AI models, but record labels should resist aiding in replacing creative work.

Microsoft AI CEO, Mustafa Suleyman, has sparked a backlash by claiming all internet content is free for AI model training.

Amazon is reviewing allegations that Perplexity AI has been scraping content from major news websites without permission.

AI Advancements and Applications

Researchers have created an AI-powered exoskeleton that adapts to different strides, providing mobility assistance and energy savings. The model, tested in virtual environments, shows promising results in real-world applications.

Instagram creators will soon be able to make AI versions of themselves. Meta will begin testing these AI characters in the U.S., enhancing user engagement and content personalization on the platform.

Meta's new "3D Gen" model can transform text into 3D images in under a minute, showcasing a state-of-the-art pipeline. Meanwhile, Anthropic announced a funding program for developing third-party benchmarks to evaluate future AI models.

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Meta’s new AI model can turn text into 3D images in under a minute

Meta's new "3D Gen" model is a "state-of-the-art, fast pipeline" for transforming input text into high-fidelity 3D images in under a minute.

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