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Investors have put $27.1 billion into AI startups, showing the sector’s resilience. Microsoft's AI chief calls web content without robots.txt "freeware" for AI training, sparking ethical debates.

Apple Watch Series 10 Features and Rumors

The Apple Watch Series 10 is rumored to feature a larger screen and a thinner chassis, according to Bloomberg. A plastic Watch SE is also reportedly in development. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg suggests that while a new chip will boost performance, some health features might be delayed.

Gurman's "Power On" newsletter highlights that Apple's big revamp includes a thinner design and bigger screens for the Series 10 lineup. However, challenges have emerged, potentially pushing back the introduction of new health monitoring capabilities.

Initial rumors hinted at a major 10-year anniversary redesign, with speculations of the watch being either thicker or thinner. As the release date approaches, it appears the focus will be on faster performance and visual updates rather than a complete overhaul.

AI Funding and Startup Growth

Investors have poured $27.1 Billion into AI startups, defying the tech downturn and bucking unprofitable trends. While many other tech startups have been cutting costs or going out of business, AI-focused companies have thrived, showcasing the sector’s resilience and promising future.

AI Training and Content Usage Controversy

Microsoft's CEO of AI, Mustafa Suleyman, has stirred controversy by stating that web content without a robots.txt file is essentially "freeware" for AI training. This bold statement made during the Aspen Ideas Festival has ignited debates about the ethics of AI and the boundaries of content usage.

Meanwhile, a new development in the AI world comes from Fabric, an open-source framework designed to augment human capabilities. Fabric leverages crowdsourced AI prompts to solve specific problems, offering a modular and versatile tool for developers and end-users alike.

In contrast, Nintendo has taken a firm stance against generative AI. While the company's current position is clear, there is speculation about whether this rejection of AI technology will remain consistent in the long term.

AI and Coding Performance

IEEE Spectrum questions the coding capabilities of AI, comparing an AI code generator to a human programmer. A study in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering evaluated code generated by OpenAI's ChatGPT, highlighting its performance and areas of improvement.

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have demonstrated impressive capabilities in various NLP tasks, extending their utility to support coding activities. Particularly, ChatGPT excels at generating code for problems written before 2021. This capability presents significant promise for leveraging AI in software development.

AI Tools in Cryptocurrency

AI tools are becoming increasingly vital in the cryptocurrency sector, with projects like WienerAI enhancing meme coin trading. Having raised $7M in presale, WienerAI exemplifies how technology-driven innovation is transforming the market.

In a contrasting trend, Notcoin’s price has plummeted by 63.8% amid a market downturn. Yet, indications of a potential price resurgence are buoyed by Notcoin's new AI-powered initiatives aimed at revitalizing investor confidence.

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