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AI transcription tools now convert audio to text in seconds. Samsung is testing AI translation for apps like WhatsApp. AI-powered vending machines in the US face potential cybersecurity risks.

Apple Watch Series 10 Innovations

Apple is rumored to introduce significant innovations in the Watch Series 10. According to Bloomberg, the new model will feature a larger display and a thinner chassis. Additionally, a cost-effective plastic Watch SE is reportedly in the works.

Despite these upgrades, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman notes that new health monitoring features may face delays. Fast performance is assured by a new chip, but this development highlights potential roadblocks for health technology integration.

The Series 10 is set to revolutionize design and efficiency, yet fans may need to temper expectations about immediate advancements in health functionalities. Concurrently, Apple is testing a next-gen plastic Watch SE to broaden its market reach.

AI in Daily Applications

Recordings of interviews, meetings, and voice notes can now be converted to text in seconds rather than hours thanks to AI transcription.

Hilton has experimented with different portion sizes of fruit and smoked salmon at its breakfast buffets based on AI cameras.

Samsung might roll out its AI Live Translate feature for third-party apps like WhatsApp. This can translate calls and messages in real-time.

Cybersecurity Concerns in AI

AI-powered vending machines in the US, which dispense bullets, are facing scrutiny as cybersecurity experts warn that they could be hacked despite requiring a valid ID.

In 2023, a hacker accessed OpenAI's internal messaging systems, stealing confidential information about its design processes. Additionally, a significant Mac malware issue has come to light, debunking the myth that Macs are safe from cyber threats.

Figma has disabled its AI 'Make Design' feature following accusations of it copying Apple's Weather app. Peloton is embroiled in legal trouble over allegations of privacy violations, with claims that its data was used to train AI without user consent.

iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence

Apple has released the third betas of iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 for developers, featuring new tweaks like Dark Mode icons, Photos app improvements, and enhanced emoji in Messages. This update comes a week after the second betas.

The upcoming iOS 18 will integrate ChatGPT into Siri, expanding its capabilities. Apple has partnered with OpenAI for this feature, despite most new Siri functionalities being developed in-house.

While Apple Intelligence will launch with iOS 18 this fall, the big Siri upgrade won’t be available until spring 2024, leaving many eagerly awaiting its release.

AI and Media Creation

YouTube Music is trialing an innovative AI radio generation feature that creates playlists based on user prompts. This experimental feature is currently available to select users.

The new AI-powered movie camera, the CMR M-1, promises to revolutionize filmmaking by transforming filmed footage into AI-generated imagery in real-time.

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Exclusive: U.S. Voters Value Safe AI Development Over Racing Against China, Poll Shows

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