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AI Lawsuits, Apple Rejection, and Google Schools

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Major US record labels are suing AI music generators Suno and Udio for alleged copyright infringement. Apple decided not to integrate Meta's AI chatbot. Google introduces Gemini to schools.

Lawsuits Against AI Music Generators

Major US record labels including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Records are suing AI music generators Suno and Udio for alleged copyright infringement.

The Recording Industry Association of America claims these companies trained their AI models on protected works without permission, violating copyright laws "en masse."

Apple and Meta AI Partnership Speculation

Apple appears to be reconsidering its walled garden approach, as it recently discussed potential AI partnerships with Meta and Google. However, Apple decided against integrating Meta's AI chatbot, according to various reports.

Specifically, Apple reportedly discussed employing Meta's large language model, Llama 2, in iOS 18. Though the exact reasons remain unclear, Apple ultimately turned down the collaboration.

Sources close to the matter indicate that Apple and Meta are not in talks now, suggesting that a partnership is unlikely in the near future.

AI Tools in Education

Google is introducing Gemini to students with school accounts, aiming to boost learning confidence. Educators will also benefit from enhanced AI tools, aimed at improving teaching impact.

The latest AI initiatives include new tools for the Classrooms app and features in Chromebooks, making learning more personalized and inclusive. This move highlights Google’s commitment to connecting educational platforms.

One of Gemini’s key features is the Double-Check function, designed to address AI chatbot reliability, ensuring students verify information critically.

Amazon's AI Developments

Amazon is entering the AI subscription service arena with "Remarkable Alexa", aligning itself with similar offerings like Google One AI Premium and ChatGPT Plus. The move marks a significant shift as Amazon looks to enhance its AI assistant capabilities.

Although late to the party, Amazon aims to benefit from insights gained by competitors, allowing it to potentially offer a more refined service. This new venture into AI is part of Amazon’s broader strategy to maintain its edge in technology innovation.

In a competitive move, Amazon is reportedly developing a new AI chatbot designed to rival ChatGPT, indicating the company's commitment to becoming a formidable player in the AI landscape. This ambitious project shows Amazon's readiness to challenge existing leaders in the field.

Concerns Over Nvidia AI Chip Bubble

Concerns over a potential Nvidia stock bubble are growing as the company's brief status as the world's most valuable firm falters. Investors worry the AI-driven rally may soon end.

Despite the Dow closing at a one-month high, Nvidia shares experienced a significant drop as market participants rotated out of AI-related stocks.

Short sellers have capitalized on Nvidia's recent downturn, raking in $5 billion from a three-day selloff. The stock has declined 13%, shedding $430 billion in market value since mid-June.

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