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Amazon, Apple, and Nvidia

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Amazon hires from AI startup Adept to avoid antitrust scrutiny. European Commission criticizes Apple for not deploying AI in the EU. French regulators investigate Nvidia for anti-competitive practices.

Antitrust Issues Surrounding AI

Amazon's strategy for avoiding antitrust scrutiny involves following a playbook similar to Microsoft's, notably hiring the majority of the team from the AI startup Adept.

European Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager criticized Apple for its choice not to deploy AI features in the EU, calling it a “stunning declaration” of anticompetitive conduct.

French regulators are gearing up to charge Nvidia with anti-competitive practices, following recent dawn raids, according to sources cited by Reuters.

AI and Copyright Concerns

Google's plan to use music for AI model training faces criticism, as record labels resist efforts that could accelerate the replacement of creative work by AI.

OpenAI is seeing a surge in copyright lawsuits from authors and news organizations, accusing it of using their copyrighted material to train ChatGPT.

Microsoft AI CEO, Mustafa Suleyman, has declared that internet content is "freeware" for AI model training, igniting significant backlash. Meanwhile, Amazon is investigating Perplexity AI for allegedly scraping content from major news websites without permission.

AI Integration in Consumer Tech

Meta is revising its AI content label to address photographers' concerns over mislabeling real photos as AI-generated. This shift follows complaints about the accuracy of the previous tags, which labeled real-life images incorrectly.

Simultaneously, Apple is set to launch its Intelligence+ feature, positioning it behind a potential paywall as indicated by Bloomberg. The rollout of Apple Intelligence with advanced functionalities will start with a beta phase this summer and full release in the fall with iOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and iPadOS 18.

Paid AI Subscription Models

Apple is reportedly planning to transform some of its AI features into paid services, following a model similar to iCloud+ subscriptions. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman revealed that these premium features might be part of an upcoming Apple Intelligence+ offering.

This move indicates Apple’s approach to monetizing AI by introducing a subscription fee for advanced services. While the details are still emerging, this potential change could mean users will need to pay for exclusive AI capabilities.

The development has sparked questions regarding whether consumers are willing to bear the cost of Apple Intelligence+. Presently, there have been no formal announcements on pricing or additional costs linked to these envisioned AI advancements.

AI's Impact on Jobs and Workforce

AI will help some people improve at their jobs and replace others. It's increasingly important to skill up in AI to stay relevant in the job market.

Elon Musk revealed that his Grok 3 AI is being trained on 100,000 Nvidia H100s, costing billions. Musk also praised Jensen Huang for his work ethic, noting that the Nvidia CEO once cleaned toilets.

NVIDIA’s CEO foresees a future dominated by "multi-shot" agentic AIs, which will outperform humans in the job market due to their advanced reasoning capabilities.

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