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AI, Safety, and Expansion

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Humane warns AI Pin owners to stop using its charging case due to fire risk. Google expands NotebookLM access. OpenAI faces criticism from former employees over safety issues.

Fire Safety Issues with Humane AI Pin

Tech company Humane has urged owners of its AI Pin to stop using the device’s charging case immediately due to a potential fire safety risk. Humane communicated this warning through emails shared today by various news outlets.

Customers who bought the $700 AI Pin are advised to discontinue use of the Charge Case Accessory. The company emphasized that a third-party battery cell is under scrutiny for possibly posing a fire hazard, according to information shared by multiple reports.

Despite the warnings, Humane has not indicated whether it will offer replacements for the potentially dangerous charging cases. This development comes after the AI Pin garnered overwhelmingly negative reviews, further complicating the company’s situation.

Advancements in AI Technology by Google

Google first launched NotebookLM, its AI-powered research tool, in summer 2023 and now the company is expanding its capabilities and access. In a new blog post, Google announced that NotebookLM is officially running on Gemini 1.5 Pro, an upgrade from the original version, bringing enhanced functionality and performance to users.

This week, Google's AI-powered summaries have had a rough start, causing some frustration among users. Discussions are ongoing about the challenges faced and why this feature has created a rocky experience for many.

In a broader expansion, Google has made its Gemini app available in the UK and EU for Android users via the Play Store. Additionally, Google announced that the Gemini AI app will soon be available on iOS, providing wider access to its advanced AI technology.

OpenAI's Ethical and Operational Challenges

OpenAI is again under scrutiny as former employees accuse the company of being too reckless with its technology. In response, OpenAI has released a research paper detailing a method for reverse engineering the workings of AI models.

Leopold Aschenbrenner, a former employee, claimed he was dismissed for raising security and safety concerns. A group of employees is now advocating for more transparency and urging tech companies not to retaliate against workers who voice worries about AI's potential risks.

A coalition of current and former employees has issued a stark warning about AI's potential existential threats to humanity, urging the industry to take these issues seriously.

AI Integration in Apple's iOS 18

Apple's heavy focus on AI in iOS 18 is partly due to an experience software chief Craig Federighi had with GitHub Copilot. According to The Wall Street Journal, this encounter significantly influenced Apple's AI direction.

Apple is expected to offer new AI features in iOS 18 as an opt-in service, allowing users who are wary of the technology to avoid it. Bloomberg reports that Apple has been negotiating a deal with OpenAI to integrate these features.

Major enhancements, including AI-powered "Smart Replies" and email composition assistance, are coming to the Mail app in iOS 18. According to AppleInsider, these AI capabilities will also improve search functionality within the app.

Nvidia's Market Milestones

Fans of large numbers will be happy to know that Apple became a $3 trillion company again today based on market cap, which is the total value of all of the company's outstanding shares. However, chipmaker Nvidia stole the moment.

Nvidia has reached a market cap of $3 trillion, surpassing Apple to become the second-largest public company behind Microsoft. CNBC reports: Nvidia's milestone is the latest stunning mark in a run that has seen the stock soar more than 3,224% over the past five years.

Nvidia stock has surged by more than 700% since the start of last year, boosting CEO Jensen Huang's wealth by about $93 billion, making him the 13th-richest person.

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