Daily AI NEWS - June 5, 2024
Transparency, Whistleblowers, and AI

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Employees from OpenAI, Google DeepMind, and Anthropic urge AI firms for greater transparency and whistleblower protections. AMD and Intel reveal new AI-focused chips at Computex 2024.

AI Whistleblower Protections

A group of current and former employees from leading AI companies like OpenAI, Google DeepMind, and Anthropic have signed an open letter asking for greater transparency and protection from retaliation for those who speak out about the potential concerns of AI.

An open letter signed by former and current employees at OpenAI and other AI giants calls for whistleblower protections as the artificial intelligence rapidly evolves.

OpenAI and Google DeepMind employees want AI companies to commit to increasing transparency and whistleblower protections.

AI Integration in Laptops and CPUs

Microsoft's Copilot+ initiative for super-charged AI PCs is becoming more of a reality at Computex 2024. Today, AMD announced its next major chip platforms, Ryzen AI 300 for notebooks and Ryzen 9000 for desktops, which respectively target beefier laptop AI performance and desktop computing power.

The new AMD processors have found a home in the upcoming Asus Zenbook S16, which is touted as an all-in-one device. This notebook features ceraluminum, a unique combination of ceramic and aluminum, and utilizes the new Ryzen 300 AI CPUs to enhance performance.

Intel also revealed the architecture of its Lunar Lake on-device chip at Computex, setting the stage for a showdown in AI PC processors. This move positions Intel head-to-head with competitors like Qualcomm and AMD in the rapidly evolving AI integration landscape.

AI in Business Operations and Tools

Generative AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot are becoming part of everyday business life. But they come with privacy and security considerations you should know about.

Indeed's new Smart Sourcing tool uses AI to expedite the talent-sourcing process without losing the personal touch. AI is far past the point of being a new or emerging technology, especially in the world of digital marketing.

Being a small business is both easier and harder than ever. Yes, the competition is tough, but there have never been more AI tools that can help you in almost every segment of your business.

AI Security and Privacy Issues

Windows Recall takes a screenshot every five seconds. Cybersecurity researchers highlight the system's vulnerability, and an ethical hacker has built a tool to demonstrate its ease of abuse.

Harvard Business School researchers predict that AI could automate phishing attacks, reducing their cost by 95%. While AI could help detect these scams, it underscores a potential battle between AI-driven threats and defenses.

A leaked Google database exposed thousands of privacy incidents between 2013 and 2018, including recording children's voices and exposing user addresses in Waze.

AI and Digital Twins in Meetings

Eric Yuan, Zoom's CEO, envisions a future where AI-powered "digital twins" attend meetings on behalf of employees. This innovation aims to transform remote work by potentially reducing the workweek to three or four days. Yuan explained that Zoom is shifting from a mere videoconferencing tool to a comprehensive collaboration platform.

He shared these insights in an interview with The Verge, highlighting how AI and digital twins could revolutionize efficiency and productivity. He sees this as an opportunity to take on giants like Microsoft and Google in the evolving digital workspace sphere.

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