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Google's AI Overviews feature led to peculiar recommendations. Apple plans major AI changes for Siri in iOS 18. AI-generated films debut at Tribeca Film Festival. Concerns rise over AI hallucinations in imagery.

Issues with Google's AI Overviews

Google has admitted its AI Overviews feature, designed to summarize search results, has produced some peculiar recommendations, including advising users to put glue on pizza or eat rocks. Liz Reid, Google's Head of Search, published an explanation acknowledging these issues and the company's efforts to implement restrictions to improve accuracy.

While the AI-generated summaries were intended to enhance search experience, they instead led to public embarrassment with viral errors. Google's rushed fixes underscore the limitations of generative AI, which can result in occasional inaccuracies despite improvements.

AI Features in Apple iOS 18

Apple is set to announce major AI changes in iOS 18 at the upcoming WWDC. The update aims to overhaul Siri by incorporating generative AI technologies, potentially making it more responsive and accurate.

Reports suggest these AI features may require an iPhone 15 Pro or later, marking a significant change as major software features are rarely exclusive to the newest models. This could present a big drawback for users with older devices.

While the new AI capabilities promise to enhance functionality, the full benefits may be reserved for those using the most recent iPhone models, creating a disparity in the user experience. Fans eagerly await detailed announcements at WWDC 2024 on June 10.

Innovative Uses of AI in Film and Media

Tribeca Film Festival will debut five short films made by AI, using OpenAI's Sora model to create video clips from text inputs. This marks the first time such technology is showcased in film.

Perplexity AI has launched Pages, a tool to turn research into visually dynamic content, with backing from Jeff Dean. Meanwhile, Fable Studios' Showrunner allows users to direct, star in, and monetize their own TV shows.

A viral “All Eyes on Rafah” post has prompted a wave of AI-generated images of the War in Gaza, shared over 47 million times on Instagram.

Advancements in Microsoft AI Technology

During its Copilot AI and Surface event, Microsoft unveiled an AI-powered feature called Recall, designed to help users find anything they've viewed on their PCs. Initially, Recall was intended to be exclusively available on the newly launched machines.

However, within two weeks of the announcement, it has been reported that Windows enthusiasts have successfully cracked the Recall feature to operate on unsupported hardware. Recall uses local AI models on new Copilot Plus PCs.

Microsoft’s AI advancements, including Copilot+, will soon face direct comparisons to upcoming announcements from Apple at WWDC on June 6.

Concerns About AI Hallucinations and Errors

Concerns are rising about AI hallucinations and errors. The recent viral image "All Eyes on Rafah," shared over 47 million times on Instagram, raises questions about the power of AI in war imagery.

In Australia, scammers are using deepfakes of celebrities like Steve Irwin's son, tricking fans into sending millions in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, a study shows AI legal research products hallucinate 17-33% of the time, highlighting the need for benchmarking and public evaluations in law.

Selected articles of the day

Ukraine's special forces have developed new tech that allows drones to fly without GPS, so Russia can't jam them: report

Ukraine has developed drone tech that Russia can't jam, enabling drones to fly and hit targets without GPS or operator input, The Economist reported.

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Perplexity AI launches new tool to turn research into content

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New AI-powered tool Showrunner lets you create your own TV shows

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ElevenLabs moves beyond speech with AI-generated Sound Effects

Mati Staniszewski, CEO of ElevenLabs, told VentureBeat the tool can also go beyond a few-second-long sounds to produce longer audio samples.

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