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Google's carbon footprint has grown 48% over five years due to AI expansion. Apple exec Phil Schiller joins OpenAI’s board. Nvidia faces regulatory scrutiny over AI chip dominance.

Google's AI and Environmental Impact

Google’s carbon footprint is growing as it focuses on AI, the company’s latest environmental report shows. Google Emissions Jump Nearly 50% Over Five Years As AI Use Surges. An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Financial Times: Google's greenhouse gas emissions have surged 48 percent in the past five years due to the expansion of its data centers that underpin artificial intelligence systems, leaving its commitment to get...

Our 2024 Environmental Report looks at our use of technology to drive environmental change and operate our business sustainably. Despite these efforts, the expansion needed to support advanced AI projects like Gemini AI era has significantly increased the environmental impact.

Apple-OpenAI Partnership

Apple exec Phil Schiller is set to join OpenAI’s board in a non-voting observer position, as reported by Bloomberg. This development is part of a significant partnership between the two companies.

Apple will integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18 and macOS later this year. This collaboration underscores the importance of OpenAI to Apple’s broader AI vision, adding strategic value without any financial transactions involved.

Apple Fellow and App Store chief, Schiller’s new role aligns with Apple's commitment to advancing artificial intelligence capabilities, enhancing user experience across its ecosystem.

Pixel 9 and AI Integration

A report claimed that the Pixel 9 is preparing to introduce a "Google AI" suite of features, aiming to enhance user experience with advanced AI capabilities. These innovations are expected to bring improvements in areas such as photo processing and personal assistant tasks.

An Android code discovery showed signs of a multitasking upgrade for the next Pixel Fold, which may include better screen resolution and enhanced display capabilities. This could position the device as a more competitive option in the foldable smartphone market.

One speculated feature for the Pixel 9 could resemble Microsoft's much-criticized Recall feature, which was recently pulled from their hardware lineup due to poor reception. This raises questions about how Google plans to implement and optimize such functionalities.

Anthropic's AI Benchmark Initiative

AI firm Anthropic has initiated a funding program to create new benchmarks for evaluating advanced AI models, including its chatbot Claude. The initiative aims to pay third-party organizations to develop comprehensive metrics.

Anthropic, focused on AI safety, is seeking proposals from external entities to assess the performance of state-of-the-art learning models. This move attempts to address key issues in the current AI evaluation landscape.

By funding the development of these benchmark tests, Anthropic hopes to achieve more accurate and useful evaluations of its future AI models, improving the field's overall robustness and reliability.

Nvidia and AI Regulatory Issues

Nvidia is facing serious scrutiny from regulators about its blistering rise to power and concerns over its software. Last month, Nvidia briefly became the world’s most valuable company, reaching a market capitalisation of $3.3tn. Behind the company’s meteoric rise to the top lies its market dominance in advanced AI chips.

Some Chinese buyers are dodging restrictions on advanced Nvidia chips by smuggling or using underground markets, The Wall Street Journal reported. With Nvidia's technology being in high demand, some buyers are resorting to desperate measures.

European regulators have now set their sights on Nvidia's AI capabilities, and the company could soon be hit with antitrust charges in France. The scrutiny points to Nvidia's dominance in the AI chip market, particularly through its CUDA software, which is seen as a cornerstone of its success.

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Financial Times: Google's greenhouse gas emissions have surged 48 percent in the past five years due to the expansion of its data centers that underpin artificial intelligence systems, leaving its commitment to get…

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