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OpenAI and Arianna Huffington have introduced an AI health coach to promote healthier habits. Meanwhile, GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI face a dismissed copyright lawsuit.

AI Healthcare Innovations

OpenAI and Arianna Huffington have partnered to create an 'AI health coach' through Thrive AI Health. This AI aims to nudge users towards healthier habits using their biometrics. The initiative, developed with input from Sam Altman, focuses on the best peer-reviewed science.

Oura is also advancing in AI health innovation, unveiling its second "Made for Members" update. This includes a personalized coach to help users achieve their health goals, following its recent health feature test.

Legal and Ethical Challenges of AI

A California judge dismissed many of the claims outlined in a copyright lawsuit that accuses GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI of copying developers’ code.

New AI tools are helping jobseekers land gigs by quietly revealing the right answers to interview questions in real time. A Columbia University marketing professor told BI that AI companies and creatives are locked in a zero-sum game as they battle for the same audiences.

Nicolas Cage told Yahoo Entertainment in November 2023 that he's 'terrified' of AI, fearing they might steal his likeness. Additionally, a hacker reportedly obtained access to the internal messaging systems of OpenAI, stealing confidential information on their design process.

AI in Warfare and Security

Palmer Luckey launched his first tech company as a teenager and sold it to Facebook for $2 billion. Now he's making AI weapons the Pentagon is buying and sending to Ukraine.

A new report by an Israeli watchdog ties a firm to a covert online campaign intended to sway Democrats to back Israel’s campaign in Gaza.

The US deployed AI-powered vending machines that sell bullets to anyone with a valid ID, but a cybersecurity expert says they can be hacked.

UN delegates discussed AI-based weapons that can fire without human initiation, stressing that humans cannot be removed from decision-making.

AI-Driven Disinformation

AI-Driven Disinformation has emerged as a pressing threat, evidenced by a fake article about Ukraine's First Lady buying a $4.8 million Bugatti with U.S. aid. This disinformation was promoted by bots, Russia state media, and pro-Trump influencers on X, utilizing a network of AI-driven websites.

Marianna Spring uncovered intriguing insights during her investigation, revealing unexpected methods of voter targeting in the UK election through social media. Her findings indicate a sophisticated use of technology that transforms the digital political landscape.

Sources: Wired BBC News

Advancements in AI-Assisted Devices

Galaxy AI's Live Translate is allegedly branching out to third-party apps, with WhatsApp leading the charge.

Samsung is already working on the next-gen Galaxy Ring ahead of its Unpacked event. The tech giant appears to be experimenting with a more square-shaped ring as a follow-up to its first version.

On the eve of when we expect Samsung to launch the Galaxy Ring, the Oura Ring gets an in-app AI assistant to help you meet your personal health goals.

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He created Oculus headsets as a teenager. Now he makes AI weapons for Ukraine

Palmer Luckey launched his first tech company as a teenager. He sold it to Facebook for $2 billion. Now he's making AI weapons the Pentagon is buying for itself and also sending to Ukraine.

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OpenAI and Arianna Huffington Are Working Together On an 'AI Health Coach'

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and businesswoman Arianna Huffington have announced they're working on an "AI health coach" via Thrive AI Health. According to a Time magazine op-ed, the two executives said that the bot will be trained on "the best peer-reviewed science…

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AI-powered vending machines that sell bullets could be hacked, says a cybersecurity expert

The US has rolled out AI-powered vending machines that dispense bullets to anyone who has a valid ID. An expert says they can be hacked.

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Hacker stole internal details from OpenAI in 2023 breach, says report

A hacker reportedly obtained access to the internal messaging systems of OpenAI, stealing confidential information on the design process involved… Continue reading Hacker stole internal details from OpenAI in 2023 breach, says report The post Hacker stole int…

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NATO-backed Project HEIST to protect subsea internet by diverting it to space

To protect critical underwater infrastructure from potential attacks or natural disasters, NATO is backing a project that aims to reroute internet from subsea cables to satellites in space. The Alliance will reportedly support the project with a grant of €400…

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