Daily AI NEWS - June 16, 2024
Privacy, AI, and Delays

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Apple introduces new AI technologies with iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, highlighting privacy. Meta pauses AI plans in Europe due to data protection issues. Microsoft delays Recall AI tool for security reasons.

Apple's AI Initiatives

Apple has ramped up its AI efforts, introducing a suite of new technologies under the banner Apple Intelligence. The recent WWDC 2024 showcased iOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and other innovative announcements. A highlight is the Image Playground app, enabling users to generate images from text or photos.

Notably, Apple is leveraging Google’s data centers and AI chips to enhance its AI capabilities, a move seen as uncharacteristic but strategic. Despite this, Apple maintains it doesn’t use personal data for AI training, differing from OpenAI's practices.

Executives like Craig Federighi have discussed new features such as Genmoji, an AI-driven tool for creating customized emoji, emphasizing Apple's commitment to privacy and innovation. The company's AI trajectory signals a robust future intertwined with its core products.

Meta's Conflict with European Regulators

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is currently entangled in a conflict with European regulators over data protection issues. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has requested Meta to delay training its large language models (LLMs) using public user information from European Union residents.

In response to regulatory pressure, Meta confirmed it will pause its plans to utilize data from users in the EU and U.K. for training its AI systems. This decision follows objections from the Irish Data Protection Commission, Meta's lead regulatory body in the European Union.

Moreover, Meta announced that it will not release its AI assistant in Europe due to concerns that strict EU regulations would make the product 'second rate'. The company is postponing the launch of its AI models, adhering to guidance from privacy regulators.

Microsoft's Controversial Recall AI Tool

On Thursday, Microsoft announced it will withdraw an AI tool Recall from its new line of computers called Copilot+ PCs. The decision to pull Recall, the headline feature for Copilot+ PCs, undermines Microsoft's push into the era of AI PCs. This move follows a strong launch event where the feature was later deemed a ‘security disaster’ by experts.

Following major backlash and privacy concerns, Microsoft confirmed that the Recall AI feature would be indefinitely delayed. Amidst these challenges, rival Apple did not miss the opportunity to criticize Microsoft during its recent WWDC talk, exacerbating the PR disaster surrounding Recall.

Microsoft has stated that Copilot+ PCs will now launch on June 18 without the previously advertised Recall AI feature. The company aims to address the concerns and improve the tool before any future deployment.

Pope Francis on AI Ethics

Pope Francis warned G7 Summit leaders about the dangers of AI to human dignity, urging them to stay in control of the technology.

Francis will address G7 leaders at their gathering in southern Italy, marking him as the first pontiff to do so.

More than 100 comedians, including Jimmy Fallon and Whoopi Goldberg, joined the pope at the Vatican in Rome ahead of his G7 appearance.

AI and Personal Data Concerns

McKinsey executive urges summer interns to master using generative AI to excel in their roles. Acquiring skills to ask AI the right questions is emphasized as crucial for success in the contemporary workplace.

Clearview AI faces a settlement giving partial ownership to people whose photos were used to train its facial recognition software. This move follows scrutiny over how personal data was obtained and utilized.

Sonos has come under fire for removing a promise from its user agreement not to sell personal data. The change was identified by vigilant users, sparking privacy concerns among the company's customer base.

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