Daily AI NEWS - June 23, 2024
Meta, LibreChat, and Collaboration

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Meta will utilize personal content from Facebook and Instagram to train algorithms. LibreChat offers users a choice of AI models. OpenAI's CTO views AI as a collaborative tool.

AI Use of Personal Data

Meta’s plans to use personal content posted by Facebook and Instagram users to train algorithms suggest our digital histories are being repackaged to teach AI about—and how to mimic—humanity.

A free and open source ChatGPT clone — named LibreChat — is also letting its users choose which AI model to use, "to harness the capabilities of cutting-edge language models from multiple providers in a unified interface."

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati isn't worried about how AI could hurt some creative jobs, suggesting during a talk that some jobs were maybe always a bit replaceable anyway. From a report: "I think it's really going to be a collaborative tool."

Apple AI Developments and Challenges

iOS 18 is set to introduce a dedicated keyboard for Siri, allowing users to type to the assistant in public. Additionally, Apple is collaborating with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iPhones, although this feature will not be available in China, prompting Apple to seek local partners.

The EU's new tech regulations are causing major delays for Apple's AI features, such as Apple Intelligence, affecting the launch of these innovations in Europe. Three significant features, including Apple Intelligence and iPhone Mirroring to macOS Sequoia, will not be available when iOS 18 rolls out later this year.

In China, Apple faces challenges in finding partners to launch Apple Intelligence, impacting iPhone sales due to the absence of AI-driven features. Older iPhones will likely miss out on these AI advancements, necessitating hardware upgrades for users.

Amazon Alexa AI Upgrades

Amazon is reportedly planning a major AI upgrade for its Alexa assistant that could introduce a monthly fee. According to a report from Reuters, the revamped Alexa will include conversational AI capabilities and may cost users between $5 and $10 per month.

The update is expected to feature a two-tier subscription plan, making it the first time Amazon charges a fee for Alexa's services. This move could position Alexa as a competitor against other AI-driven assistants in the market.

AI in Creative Industries

Sheryl Crow has voiced strong opposition to AI-generated music, calling the use of AI to recreate deceased artists like Tupac "hateful." She also reflected on her missed opportunity to join Fleetwood Mac.

Anthropic has launched Claude 3.5, a new AI rival to OpenAI's ChatGPT, which might challenge its market leadership. This development shows significant advancements in the AI chatbot space.

The legal sector may see a shake-up as an American attorney suggests that Claude AI could competently serve as a Supreme Court Justice. This highlights the growing influence of AI in justice and legal proceedings.

Impact of AI on Stock Market

Shares of Nvidia dropped an additional 2% in early Friday trades, with Dell, Broadcom, and Super Micro Computer down between 1% and 2%, indicating a stall in the AI-fueled tech rally. The sell-off erased $118 billion from Nvidia’s market cap, putting pressure on the stock after its brief stint as the world's most valuable company.

McKinsey's senior partner Ben Ellencweig emphasized that the firm is going all-in on AI, pointing to the technology as the future of their operations. This aligns with the broader industry trend where AI integration is becoming crucial for maintaining market valuation and competitiveness.

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