Daily AI NEWS - June 29, 2024
AI, Translation, and Olympics

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CEOs discuss AI's impact on workforce and daily life. Google introduces 110 new languages in Translate. NBC plans AI-generated sportscaster for Olympics coverage.

AI Exceptionalism in Corporate Strategies

CEOs say companies are making room for AI and finding they work better with less people.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said AI 'hasn't actually changed our daily life,' but it's captured our imagination.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said tech companies should be transparent with people as they develop artificial intelligence.

Axelera says its flagship edge AI platform, Metis, can deliver up to a five-fold increase in efficiency and performance for enterprises.

AI Language Model Expansion

Google Translate is rolling out its biggest language update ever. Thanks to a large AI learning model, the service will introduce 110 new languages, significantly expanding its variety.

This expansion is largest to date for the platform and is expected to aid travelers and users worldwide by providing broader and more accurate translation options.

AI in Music and Entertainment

AI:OK, co-founded by musician Martin Clancy, seeks to set standards involving artificial intelligence and the music industry.

In the upcoming Summer Olympics, NBC will offer viewers a personalized AI-generated version of legendary sportscaster Al Michaels to recap events.

YouTube is reportedly locked in talks with major record labels, aiming to secure a licensing agreement to train their artificial intelligence for its song generator.

Big Tech AI Innovations

Google is still working on different ways to implement its AI into various apps and services. This includes being able to use Gemini in Google Messages, which might be more useful than you think.

Microsoft's new AI assistant, fully integrated into Windows, makes work a breeze and explodes your creative process with new possibilities.

OpenAI has launched a new tool called CriticGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) large language model (LLM) designed to assist in catching ChatGPT errors.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his thoughts and Meta's plans for future smart glasses, AR holographic, and neural interfaces.

Meta and AI Technology Developments

Mark Zuckerberg criticized certain views in the AI community, stating some believe they are "creating God or something." This comment highlights his concerns over the perception and expectations surrounding AI.

Meta is 'almost ready' to unveil a prototype that has left early testers "giddy." According to Meta's CTO, it may be "the most advanced piece of technology on the planet in its domain," showcasing significant advancements.

Zuckerberg also discussed holographic AR glasses and the company's vision for smart glasses, AR holographic, and neural interfaces. These plans emphasize Meta's long-term commitment to immersive technologies.

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Google Translate uses AI to introduce 110 new languages

Google Translate will introduce 110 new languages, thanks to a large AI learning model that helps to expand the variety… Continue reading Google Translate uses AI to introduce 110 new languages The post Google Translate uses AI to introduce 110 new languages …

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OpenAI launches CriticGPT to catch ChatGPT errors

OpenAI has launched a new tool called CriticGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) large language model (LLM) designed to assist… Continue reading OpenAI launches CriticGPT to catch ChatGPT errors The post OpenAI launches CriticGPT to catch ChatGPT errors ap…

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Data centres in space could be one solution to AI’s big energy problem

As AI boosts demand for more data storage, Europe is considering sending data centres into space — and the plan is not as outlandish as it may first appear.   A 16-month, €2 million study has concluded that space-based data centres are technically, economical…

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Meet the AI-Generated Women Taking Part in the ‘Miss AI’ Beauty Pageant

The 10 finalists of the "Miss AI" pageant each have distinctly-curated personalities as avid travelers, online influencers, and activists.

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A dangerous new jailbreak for AI chatbots was just discovered

Microsoft released more details about a troubling new generative AI jailbreak technique, called "Skeleton Key," that bypasses a chatbot's safety guardrails.

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