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Apple plans to introduce AI-generated emojis and other AI features in iOS 18. Google faces backlash over AI search inaccuracies. Elon Musk's xAI raises $6 billion. Red Hat employs AI in pediatric hospital imaging.

Apple's AI Features in iOS 18

Apple is set to bring several new AI features to iOS 18, according to reports. Among the most anticipated updates are AI-generated emoji, which will let users create personalized emojis using generative AI. iOS 18 will also offer more robust home screen customization, such as the ability to recolor app icons and place them anywhere on the grid.

Additionally, Apple will integrate AI enhancements across multiple apps and services. This includes AI summaries, writing suggestions, and improved functionalities for Siri, Spotlight Search, Messages, and Safari. Reports also hint at a new partnership with OpenAI to bring advanced chatbot capabilities to iOS 18.

These features are expected to be unveiled at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and may initially be released as beta or preview versions. With these innovations, Apple aims to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of consumer-focused artificial intelligence.

Google's AI Search Controversies

Google’s latest AI search iteration has sparked significant controversy for presenting bizarre responses and inaccurate information. Examples include referencing satirical content from The Onion and offering dangerous advice, such as suggesting that smoking during pregnancy is acceptable if the substance is non-toxic.

This has led to users becoming alienated as Google made the AI search feature the default option without an easy way to opt-out. Some frustrated users discovered a trick to revert to traditional search results by adding the ‘udm=14’ parameter to their searches.

The widespread inaccuracies in Google’s AI overviews have attracted mainstream media scrutiny and disrupted e-commerce visibility by pulling product data from obscure sources. Google is now reportedly tweaking these overviews manually due to their viral proliferation and the significant backlash from users and the media.

Elon Musk's xAI Funding

Elon Musk's artificial intelligence company, xAI, just raised $6 billion in funding, with substantial contributions from Sequoia Capital and Saudi Arabia. Musk announced in an X post that the AI startup's pre-money valuation was $18 billion.

The new funding round is expected to value xAI at nearly $24 billion upon completion in June, showcasing significant investor confidence. This latest round could cement xAI's position as a major player in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

AI in Healthcare

This week, Red Hat announced that one of America's leading pediatric hospitals is using AI to analyze X-rays, aimed at improving image quality and the accuracy of image interpretation.

Red Hat's CTO highlighted that this initiative demonstrates the positive impact AI can have on healthcare. By integrating AI, the hospital expects to enhance operational efficiency and benefit patient care significantly.

Sources: Slashdot.org

Generative AI's Impact on Creative Industries

The integration of generative AI into creative industries has sparked substantial debate. While many artists express concerns, some see potential benefits. Ted Sarandos from Netflix reassures creatives, suggesting that AI wouldn't replace jobs but highlights the importance of leveraging AI efficiently.

Netflix's latest sci-fi movie 'Atlas' is adding AI unease to global discussions. Described by Space.com as a film with an "Aliens-like vibe," it has captured intrigue despite mixed reviews. The industry watches closely as AI continues to evolve and influence creative outputs.

Innovations from companies like OpenAI demonstrate AI's ability to surprise and captivate. However, adjustments, such as removing a voice resembling Scarlett Johansson, show the fine line AI must tread in the realm of creativity and ethics.

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