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Google plans to integrate its AI, Gemini, into various services. In related news, Google Translate adds 110 new languages, and Sider launches an iOS app for content understanding.

AI in Everyday Tech

AI integration in everyday technology is witnessing remarkable advancements. Google is actively developing ways to embed Gemini into its various services, including Google Messages, promising enhanced utility. Meanwhile, Google Translate has announced its largest update yet, adding support for 110 new languages.

In the realm of hardware, Google’s upcoming Pixel event is happening earlier than usual, sparking speculation around its timing. Concurrently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed plans for holographic AR glasses, signaling innovations in augmented reality.

On the app front, the iOS release of Sider provides AI assistance for content understanding, now more accessible via a newly launched app. Moreover, the latest update to ChromeOS introduces AI-based digital zoom and simplifies Chromebook setup through Android phones.

AI and Content Licensing

YouTube is in negotiations with major music labels, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Records, to license their music libraries. The goal is to train its AI song generator, with YouTube reportedly offering "lumps of cash" as part of the deal.

Figma users can opt out of having their content used to train its AI models, addressing concerns over content usage rights. Meanwhile, Amazon is investigating whether Perplexity AI has improperly scraped data from several prominent websites.

AI in Social Media and Influence

The influence of AI in social media is reshaping the role of young people in politics, with some too young to vote but still making a significant impact. TikTok and other platforms have made snarky jibes and memes viral, although the real influence battle is happening elsewhere.

Adults are voicing concerns about teen mental health on social media, albeit often focusing on the wrong causes. Meanwhile, teenagers are turning to AI tools for mental health support, highlighting a growing disparity in how different generations use technology to address their needs.

AI and Economic Impact

Goldman Sachs reports that while tech companies are spending big on AI development, the return on investment has so far been underwhelming. Investments in AI are currently receiving mixed reviews from experts.

In the electric vehicle sector, sales in the US have seen a slowdown. Automakers have scaled back investments in response. Leveraging AI to improve batteries could potentially reverse this trend and rejuvenate market demand.

Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman has drawn controversy following his comments on the implicit agreement users have made regarding AI training. Suleyman suggested that internet content serves as "freeware" for AI development, sparking debate over data usage and consent.

AI Security and Risks

Microsoft has uncovered a concerning new technique called "Skeleton Key" that can bypass safety measures in AI chatbots. This method allows malicious entities to manipulate chatbots into generating harmful content, despite existing guardrails meant to prevent such behavior.

In a broader context, discussions around AI risks have intensified, with notable figures like Roman Yampolskiy expressing extreme concerns. Yampolskiy, in a podcast interview, suggested a 99.9% probability that AI could lead to significant threats to humanity, reflecting growing anxiety within the field.

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