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Ilya Sutskever co-founded Safe Superintelligence Inc. to focus on advanced AI safety. Microsoft and Google teach political groups AI tools. Nvidia surpasses Microsoft in value, raising ethical questions.

Safe Superintelligent AI Ventures

Ilya Sutskever, co-founder of OpenAI, has announced the creation of Safe Superintelligence Inc., a new venture focusing on building AI systems far beyond human capability while emphasizing AI safety.

This initiative represents a significant move within the AI industry, as Sutskever labels the quest for safe superintelligence as the "most important" technical challenge of our era. His departure from OpenAI signals a dedicated shift towards addressing these ambitious and ethical considerations within a pure research context.

Generative AI in Politics and Business

Microsoft and Google have taught political groups to use generative AI tools like Copilot and Gemini chatbots, creating a complex landscape. These tools can transform campaign strategies, but also complicate ethical considerations.

According to a Bain survey, businesses are rapidly adopting generative AI, unlike their usual cautious approach to new technology. The shift reveals both opportunities and significant challenges in implementation and integration.

At VB Transform 2024, OpenAI's Olivier Godement will discuss what generative AI means for enterprises, offering insights into its potential to revolutionize business transformation.

Nvidia's Dominance in AI

Nvidia has become the U.S.'s most valuable listed company, riding the wave of the AI revolution that brings back memories of one from earlier this century. The last time a big provider of computing infrastructure was the most valuable U.S. company was in Marc…

Jensen Huang's tight control over Nvidia chips reportedly led to a feud with Microsoft. Microsoft's dispute with the chipmaker lasted several weeks and even reached CEO Satya Nadella's desk, The Information reported.

Nvidia's expansion into cloud services has given the titan chipmaker leverage over its own customers, like Amazon, according to a new report.

Microsoft has been dethroned from being the world’s most valuable company, as Nvidia officially takes the top… Continue reading Nvidia pushes Microsoft aside to become world’s most valuable company The post Nvidia pus…

As business leaders marvel at Nvidia’s rise, it’s worth remembering that another company—Intel—came tantalizingly close to being where Nvidia is now.

Ethical and Security Concerns in AI

Extremists are developing their own hateful AIs to supercharge radicalization and fundraising. They're now using this tech to make weapon blueprints and bombs, with warnings that it is going to get worse.

FedEx is collaborating with local police to build an AI car surveillance network, using tools from Flock Safety. This setup follows the establishment of its own police force two decades ago.

A 43-page IMF report warns of "profound concerns" about massive labor disruptions and inequality due to AI. GPT-4 highlights that AI presents significant risks and stresses the need for flexible policymaking. Meanwhile, UNESCO warns that without ethical integration, Generative AI could distort Holocaust memory and fuel antisemitism.

GPT-4 and Claude AI Comparisons

Recent advancements in AI models highlight incremental improvements rather than revolutionary ones. Anthropic's Claude 3.5 Sonnet has drawn significant attention, boasting performance that surpasses both previous models and OpenAI's GPT-4 Omni. Power users have shared positive feedback, calling the new model "wild."

In addition to the new model, Anthropic introduced Artifacts, a workspace for editing AI-generated projects. These enhancements offer more efficient and versatile AI tools, further extending Claude's capabilities.

Meanwhile, China's DeepSeek has launched DeepSeek Coder V2, an open-source coding model that has outperformed GPT-4 Turbo. This new release reflects the ongoing competition and innovation within the AI industry, with each new development pushing the boundaries of machine intelligence.

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China's DeepSeek Coder Becomes First Open-Source Coding Model To Beat GPT-4 Turbo

Shubham Sharma reports via VentureBeat: Chinese AI startup DeepSeek, which previously made headlines with a ChatGPT competitor trained on 2 trillion English and Chinese tokens, has announced the release of DeepSeek Coder V2, an open-source mixture of experts …

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The US Air Force says the military's new dogfighting AI fighter jet pilot is making 'dramatic' advances from one test to the next

The development of autonomous pilots is moving faster than the Air Force had expected, as a flight last month showed.

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Can AI have a place in comedy? Comedians put it to the test

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Swallow this robot: Endiatx’s tiny pill examines your body with cameras, sensors

FEATURE: Endiatx's swallowable robotic pill hits clinical trials, company preps for FDA review and commercial launch

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New UNESCO report warns that Generative AI threatens Holocaust memory

A UNESCO report published today warns that unless decisive action is taken to integrate ethical principles, AI could distort the historical record of the Holocaust and fuel antisemitism. The report cautions that not only can Generative AI enable malicious act…

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