Daily AI NEWS - May 26, 2024
Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google

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Microsoft launches Copilot+ AI initiative, OpenAI removes nondisparagement agreements, Google's AI Search fails, ChatGPT often provides incorrect answers, and Elon Musk discusses AI's future impact on jobs.

Microsoft's Copilot+ and Enterprise AI

Microsoft is leaning even more into AI after launching a new Copilot+ AI PC initiative earlier this year. It's a new set of standards for PCs with powerful neural processing units (NPUs), and it could be just as significant for Windows as Apple's move towards...

What does Microsoft's Copilot+ PC mean for the enterprise? Microsoft execs and analysts to weigh in on this new AI computing reality.

Microsoft has announced a new AI Windows feature called Recall that has the potential to completely change how we use PCs.

Prism is an ARM emulator that promises a "2x performance boost" in the next generation of Copilot+ AI PCs and even current-gen options. Here's what it means for you.

OpenAI's Employment Policies and Controversies

OpenAI has decided to eliminate its controversial nondisparagement agreements from exit paperwork, as confirmed to Bloomberg. This move follows reports of exiting employees having to choose between job termination and silence.

Recently, OpenAI faced allegations of misusing Scarlett Johansson's voice for ChatGPT, with The Atlantic suggesting a broader AI ethics issue. However, records reveal no copying occurred, according to the Washington Post.

Signal CEO criticized OpenAI's culture amid the controversy, calling its actions "edge lord nonsense." Additionally, scrutiny of Sam Altman's leadership has increased due to recent team exits and disputes.

Google AI Failures and Missteps

Google's AI Search has encountered significant failures and missteps recently. Users report that the AI is providing dangerous and nonsensical advice, such as suggesting eating glue or rocks. These errors have raised concerns about the reliability and safety of Google's AI features.

Some users have found ways to disable AI Search completely, highlighting widespread dissatisfaction. Critics emphasize that if Google wants to fix its AI, it must make it more competent and expert across diverse subjects.

These issues stem from Google's attempts to mimic Microsoft's AI tools. The half-baked execution has led to alarming recommendations, including potentially hazardous actions. The backlash underscores the importance of rigorous testing and ethical guidelines in AI development.

ChatGPT and AI Performance Issues

Recent studies have revealed that ChatGPT answers programming questions incorrectly 52% of the time. While these AI chatbots are touted as revolutionary tools to enhance workplace efficiency, the accuracy of their technical responses remains a significant concern.

In related commentary, an OpenAI engineer acknowledged the unfair impact of AI technologies, remarking on the potential for these systems to displace jobs. This adds a layer of ethical debate to the ongoing discussion about the role of artificial intelligence in the future workforce.

AI and the Future of Work

Elon Musk predicts a future where AI and robots will make traditional jobs optional. Speaking at VivaTech 2024, Musk suggested that while people might work as a hobby, AI will supply all necessary goods and services.

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann asserts that AI will revolutionize content creation, aiding writers in breaking new ground. This perspective highlights AI’s potential to transform creative industries.

Despite its advantages, concerns arise. An OpenAI engineer called it 'deeply unfair' that AI could take everyone's job, emphasizing the ethical dilemmas faced as AI integration progresses. Some argue AI might even create more work rather than reducing it.

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